How to Create a Feather Ball & Eiffel Tower Glass Vase Centerpiece

Rose Ball & Eiffel Tower Glass Vase CenterpieceThis gorgeous centerpiece stands at an impressive 42″ tall while the narrow neck of  the eiffel tower glass vase won’t block your guests from seeing each other across the table. To create it you simply need one 12″ White Feather Ball and one 32″ Eiffel Tower Glass Vase. This is picture was taken with the feather ball simply balanced on top of the vase but for use in an actual event, you’ll need to secure it in some fashion. We suggest inserting a peacock feather into the base of the feather ball (it’s foam and will allow this) and then having the feather extend down the neck of the vase or use a bouquet holder.

Another great effect is placing a feather boa or several feather balls around the base of the vase. Also think about filling the vase with something to give it color or lighting the base from below…there are just so many possibilities!

12" White Rose Ball Mounted on a 32" Eiffel Tower Glass Vase

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  1. Dear Manufacturer,
    I will like to know if you do any other colour apart from white, I will like torquise blue and gold feather balls. I would like a quote for 50 pieces.
    thanks for your cooperation

  2. Sorry we only offer black, white and dark red. Contact for more details.

  3. if i order 16″ feather balls and place them on 24″ eiffel tower vases will it work? or will it be too big?

  4. it would technically ‘work’ but it would not be ideal… it wouldn’t be very steady and we beleive it would look too large for the narrow vase. 12″ featherballs seem to be best for eiffel tower vases, but that’s just an opinion.

  5. please do you ship to nigeria and do you have cinderella skirting for cake tables

  6. Yes and yes. Please visit for more information and to ask questions.

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