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11 Feet Tall Grand Arch Fake Cherry Blossom Tree - White

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Product 3 of 35

11 Feet Tall Grand Arch Fake Cherry Blossom Tree - White

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Event Decor Direct's Event Trees are perfect for event designers that want the HUGE impacted without the huge price. With Artificial trunk and branches that easily detach you can pack your fake white cherry blossom tree up and take it from event to event with ease. This 11-foot artificial white cherry blossom tree is built to last! Stunning and durable, these 11-foot fake cherry blossom trees are the perfect addition to every event planners inventory.  Event trees are ideal for intimate designs, special occasions and corporate events. 
Includes removable extra heavy weight base for additional stability. 
Trees easily break apart into multiple pieces for easy transport. Includes 20 x 32" long bendable branches each with an abundance of fluffy flowers. All branches are identical making assembly very easy. In 5 minutes this huge tree can be completely assembled.  The trunk is textured like real bark, with grooves, knots and bumps with seemless attachment points.
We always recommend using additional weight or bolting large trees in place for events although, is the floor is flat and used indoors stability is not an issue. 

Product Specifications:


Height: 11 feet
Width: 8 feet
Weight: 76lbs

Number of Interchangeable Branches: 24

Polyurethane, Iron Resin Fiberglass



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