4X4 PLATFORM 16 - 24
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4X4 PLATFORM 16 - 24" LEGS - Aluminum/Industrial Finish

Product ID: IS-QL4X4I1624

4X4 PLATFORM 16 - 24" LEGS - Aluminum/Industrial Finish

Product ID: IS-QL4X4I1624
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Platform Finish
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If you're looking for premium quality and durability in your staging hardware and equipment, quicklock has it all. Whether celebrating a wedding or a birthday party, producing a concert or throwing an extravagant party, their products will make prepping super easy. In need of a stable catwalk? Or maybe a sturdy surface for your drum kit? You'll never have to worry about precarious equipment or hardware again. 

The QuickLock Staging 4'x4' Portable Modular Stage Unit, for instance, will come in handy for so much. Available in Industrial or weatherproof Aluminum finish, you can use it indoors or outdoors. It also features either height-adjustable, telescoping legs from 16"-24" or 24"-32" high or fixed-height legs with/without casters, 8", 16" or 24" high. And if you're in need of a fast and easy set-up, the QuickLock mechanism will sort you right out. All you have to do is insert the leg and close the lock switch to secure it to the platform. It can even live on uneven ground. Platforms support up to 153 lbs/square foot (or on casters - 62 lbs/square foot).


  • Strong yet lightweight stage

  • Easy setup and tear-down

  • Sets up on uneven ground

  • Can be set up by one person, no tools required

  • Modular system that can be combined for custom stages and configurations

  • Available in Industrial, Carpet or Aluminum finish

  • Stairs, guardrails and transportation trolleys are available

Package Contents

  • 1 - QuickLock 4'x4' Square Stage Platform (choose finish)

  • 3 - QuickLock-Self Leveling Panel Inserts

  • 4 - QuickLock Height-Adjustable or Fixed-Height Legs (choose height)

Designer Notes
Achieve flexible stage heights with the 4x4 Platform w/ 16" – 24" Legs – Aluminum/Industrial Finish. These adjustable legs allow for precise height adjustments, providing flexibility for various event setups. Made from high-quality materials, they ensure durability and support substantial weights. Perfect for concerts, theater productions, or corporate events, they enhance your staging with adaptability and ease. The aluminum/industrial finish adds a touch of robustness, enhancing the overall stability of your staging. Another innovative product from Event Decor Direct, enhancing your staging solutions with precision and flexibility!
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Instructional Classes Available at The Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED) www.iwedglobal.com or call 1-800-504-7615

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