Premade Velvet Tablecloth - 132
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Premade Velvet Tablecloth - 132" Round - Black

Product ID: TX-TC_132_VEL_BLK
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Premade Velvet Tablecloth - 132" Round - Black

Product ID: TX-TC_132_VEL_BLK
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Premade Velvet Tablecloth - 132" Round - Black


Fabric: Velvet 

Fabric Weight: Approx. 200 GSM

Color: Black 

Size: Approx. 132" Round with seams

Drop: A 132" Tablecloth over a 72" Round Table (standard 30" table height) will touch the floor. 

Transform your reception tables with the pure glamour of velvet using our Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth. This lustrous velvet tablecloth achieves the pinnacle of class and vibrancy that captures the essence of pure romance. Color met with texture is a powerful combination that entices and flirts with the senses to mesmerizing effect. Dress up your wedding reception tables, sweetheart table, and cake table with velvet for a magical ambiance that takes any dining experience and upgrades it to a gloriously majestic feast.

While velvet's significant weight and the plush texture are often associated with the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter, in reality, this lavish fabric isn't seasonal at all. With bright colors and garden-inspired decor touches such as sprigs of flowers and verdant greenery, velvet's soft and decadent touch enhances a feeling of freshness and beauty. Let yourself be inspired by this premium quality round velvet tablecloth and open yourself to a world of creativity and ingenuity. The seductive draw of velvet sets high standards of prestige that take ordinary tables and revolutionizes them in a dream-like festivity. With your reception tables draped in the elegant allure of velvet, all that is left to do is to stand back and watch the light dance across the glistening surface of this soft, delicate linen.

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