SCRATCH & DENT - LED DMX Dance Floor - Improved! 13.2ft x 13.2ft
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SCRATCH & DENT - LED DMX Dance Floor - Improved! 13.2ft x 13.2ft

Product ID: SD-ACS-SLDF-DMX-16
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SCRATCH & DENT - LED DMX Dance Floor - Improved! 13.2ft x 13.2ft

Product ID: SD-ACS-SLDF-DMX-16
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Small sctaches on courners but totally functinging floor. Photos show the worse parts of scratches.


This Kit comes with 16 dance floors that can all connect to one power outlet. Add 6 flight cases for this kit to protect your investment. Our flight cases hold 3 dance floor panels each. The flight cases are heavy duty with solid caster wheels and latching components to keep your led dance floor panels safe during transit.



This LED Floor offers endless color possibilities to modify your surroundings. With minimized heat production, the LED FLOOR has the flexibility for numerous types of applications such as architectural or retail spaces, stage, productions, night clubs, dance floors, and much more. The combination of Red, Green and Blue LEDs offers a tremendous range of colors with smooth transitions from one color to the next. This unit has 3 operating modes Stand Alone, Master/Slave or DMX Control. With 3 dmx control modes the unit provides flexibility for controlling the color mixing and patterns creations for added creativity.

LED Dance Floor

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  • LEDS: 640 5mm - 8 Sections - per panel
  • DMX CHANNELS: 3 Modes: 4, 13 or 25 Channels
  • LED LIFE: 60 - 100 thousand hours
  • RUN MODES: DMX, Stand Alone, Master/Slave, Sound Activated/Sound Control
  • COLOURS: RGB - Infinite colour mixing possibility
  • IP RATING: IP54 (not for outdoor use)
  • POWER: 100-240V 50-60Hz 47.8W
  • DIMENSIONS(LxWxH): 39.4" x 39.4" x 3.9"
  • WEIGHT: 120 lbs per panel



What is the Dance floor weight capacity?
- About 1,100 lbs per 10 sq ft


Is the power outlet on one side of the dance floor?
- Yes, the cords stick out of the color floors so you can plug one panel into the next. The starlight floors snap into each other very easily. No screws or tools needed.

How do the panels connect to each other?
- For Color Floors: there's a power out & in on every panel. You can daisy chain them together and the 1st one is the one you plug into the power.

What kind of electric box do they have?
- Color dance floors do not have an external electrical box - it's integrated in the floor.


Can it be synced to music?
- Yes


Are they water resistant?
- They are not water resistant and not meant to be left outdoors. However, spills from drinks that land on top of the floors are fine. The controls are recessed under the panels so spilling liquids won't get into the mechanisms or electronic controls. Leaving them outside in the rain could severely damage them.


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