Super Mega Triple Track Magnet 30LBS
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Super Mega Triple Track Magnet 30LBS

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Super Mega Triple Track Magnet 30LBS

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Super Mega Track Triple Magnet


Exclusive to Event Décor Direct we have triple downed on the Super Clik magnet to create The Super Triple Track Magnet which is a larger version of the clik-clik Super Clik.


This product is perfect for securely hanging Various ceiling items such as but not limited too:


  • Larger Prefab Ceiling Drape Panels
  • Ceiling décor under 30LBS
  • Banners and flags
  • Lightweight props
  • Can be used on any Steel surface in multiple applications


The Super Mega Triple Track Magnet works the same as the Super Clik magnets BUT BIGGER with more holding strength and can be installed and removed using the Clik-Clik installation tools.


Listed here:



All magnet products are to be used at own risk and should be tested prior to use.  The magnet rating is dependent on the quality of metal and steel to which it is attached

Ceiling Design and Safety Disclaimer

While Event Decor Direct makes every effort to create easy to use ceiling products, our ceiling products are merely creative suggestions.  Each space, venue, ceiling, and situation is uniquely different and the responsibly is up to the person hanging the ceiling for the overall safety of the project.  Event Decor Direct accepts no responsibly or liability for any claims, Damages, or losses resulting from the use thereof.


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