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Just starting out in the décor industry? There’s no doubt that you’ll be using fabrics. They can range from ceilings to backdrops to tables and even aisles. How would you know which ones to use and why? Never fear, here’s a quick rundown on the most popular used fabrics.


Weddings can become costly very quickly. Therefore, creating a budget is one of the first things you should do when you begin planning for the big day in order to stay on track. As you are creating this budget, believe it or not, it is also important to know your credit score because a good score is crucial when having big life events like having a wedding. There’s no need to spend a ton of money to have an elegant wedding; you just have to spend wisely.  Before making any financial commitments to a dress, a caterer, even a venue, it’s important to first plot out how you will pay for the wedding as a whole. What good is it to have a beautiful dream wedding gown…and no reception to show it off at?

Top 5 Wedding Decor Trends for 2017

Planning a 2017 wedding? Some of our favorite wedding experts have given us a sneak peek at what wedding trends are on the rise. Here's what's going to be trendy with weddings in the coming year.

Interview with Mike Fisher, a wedding videographer

Michael Fisher you are a wedding videographer and you photograph lots of decorating setups. Tell us what being a wedding videographer involves?

To most, wedding videography just means capturing the special moments of the day so that they can be viewed later, but I like to capture the story of the day. People don’t just want to relive the visuals of their big day, they want to relive the experience, and so a video is a great way to capture that. The difficulty is turning what you capture into an experience. For me this includes the choices and techniques I use with the technology I work with, the ways that I choose to record the footage, and then how I can turn it all into a video...

The New Role of Mothers in Wedding

From the moment a woman discovers that she will be a mother and that her child is a girl, she starts to dream of that special day.  In many cultures, a daughter’s wedding is the most important day of her life.  In the past, the mother of the bride played a pivotal role in planning and executing the wedding.  The mother of the bride and groom were considered a centerpiece in the wedding ceremony.  This role is now sort of obsolete, and mothers are no longer involved in every little details, the groom’s opinion is more likely to be preferred to the Mother of the bride. After all, nowadays brides tend to rely less on their mothers and more on themselves and technology.  


Understanding and Creating Colors in LED Lighting

In the world of lighting, 3 primary colors make up most of what we see. By combining red, green and blue, every color in the rainbow can be created. Combining equal parts of red, green and blue make up pure white, and specific colors are made by adding or subtracting red, green and blue individually.

Fun-In-The-Sun Ideas for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings and outdoor parties go hand-in-hand. No matter where your client chooses to celebrate the big day, you want to make sure the guests are happy, comfortable, well-fed and having fun so that memories are made on through the night. Check out some of our favorite ideas.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Ceremony

One of the most photographed parts of a wedding is the ceremony. Some brides choose to put a lot of emphasis on this part. In my experience, those that do are the weddings that stand out and carry more memorable parts.

A wedding ceremony can be as short as 10 minutes or up to an hour, depending on traditions, faith and customs. Because this part of the wedding is usually tailored around one of those details, it then becomes more of a priority for you as a planner

New Lighted Column Kits

Event Decor Direct is proud to present our new Lighted Column kits. These Lighted Columns are sure to be a highlight of your event.

The Lighted Column kit comes in 8′, 10′, or 12′ tall kits with a 20″ narrow or 28″ wide option for each kit. Our customers have a choice of 16 different sheer colors for their Lighted Column Kit!


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