EZ Series - 3-Piece Adjustable Upright w/Slip-Lock (6ft-14ft) w/ Versatop™
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EZ Series - 3-Piece Adjustable Upright w/Slip-Lock (6ft-14ft) w/ Versatop™

Product ID: EDD-TSU3-614-VTG-S
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Product 11 of 13

EZ Series - 3-Piece Adjustable Upright w/Slip-Lock (6ft-14ft) w/ Versatop™

Product ID: EDD-TSU3-614-VTG-S
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Please Note:  Versatop 2.0 Uprights, Versatop 2.0 Drape supports, and Versatop 2.0 Accessories are not compatible with NON-Versatop pipe and hardware including NON-Versatop uprights, drape supports, and accessories. Versatop 2.0 products will not be sold in a combination with non-compatible hardware products.  

Adjustable 2 and 3 Piece Upright DiagramEZ Series - Adjustable 3-Piece Telescoping Upright for professional pipe and drape displays and backdrops.


  • Accurate and easy to setup with quick height adjustments
  • Adjusts to any height within the rated range
  • Tool-free setup and take down
  • No wing nuts or knobs to adjust
  • No more smashed fingers or pinches!
  • GREAT for wedding decorators and similar heavy backdrop applications
  • All metal surfaces feature a premium anodized coating for protection

What is Slip-lock?

Our unique Slip-lock collar works by locking automatically as the inner pole is raised. As the downward load is applied, the special 'ball-taper' locking mechanism engages and keeps the upright in place. The more pressure from above, the tighter it locks. To disengage the lock and lower the upright, simply raise the inner pole slightly and then lift the release ring. This is the preferred locking mechanism for wedding decorators as it allows for easy raising of tall and heavy backdrops without the risk of losing your grip and smashing your fingers. It also allows for one-handing raising of the backdrop - so simple!

Note: These uprights are constructed using 3 sections which give the unique ability to extend from a relatively small size to large. This item is NOT 3 individual uprights.


We now offer Inversion Versatop Uprights! (see in options)
Introducing the Inversion Series™ of telescoping upright poles. Using our patent-pending Glide-Lock™ system, this novel product allows users to set these upright poles inverted. The result is a system that allows a “from the ground up” extension of the upright to the required height, without standing on a ladder. The unique design allows the user to stand firmly on the ground in a safe lifting position while raising and lowering the telescoping pole.


These are pre-installed and ready to go!

*Bases sold separately

Event Decor Direct is a proud distributor of patented Versatop™ - Pipe 2.0®. By adding Versatop™ fixtures to your crossbars and uprights you will reduce the risk of damaging your pipe, set up your pipping systems in half the time and do it all with ease. Versatop™ Specs found HERE*If upgrading to Versatop 2.0® system, crossbars must also have Versatop 2.0® system installed.*
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